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Fame Faiella 2020 - www.24hourgrindmedia.com

Colin "FAME" Faiella is an artist, producer, beat-maker, and rising star out of Southwest Florida Born and raised in Cape Coral, Florida this young prodigy has been around music throughout his life. Fame went from performing in talent shows and dancing with his high school hip-hop team, to performing at venues around the U.S. with numerous musical legends. The 27 year old artist is the protege of the late Legendary Miami Bass & Hip-Hop Pioneer "Fresh Kid Ice", Founder of the 2 Live Crew. After meeting Christopher Wong Won  in 2014, Fame was given the opportunity to tour with him - performing as his opening act. He also worked personally with him on music, performances, and productions on Chinaman Records. Relaunching his Label in 2016 with his Debut Single "Long Time Coming" Fame brings a sound to the industry that is totally unique and a show that is energetic & entertaining. ranging from Hip-Hop to EDM.

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Soulja South 2020 - www.24hourgrindmedia.com
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(B). EAGLE 2020 - www.24hourgrindmedia.com
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Music Artists Of Fort Myers , Cologne And Perfume Line, Owner Of Cologne Money/Soulja South is a Hip Hop artist in Fort Myers FL. With God and his loved ones as his main motivation, he always finds new ways to be creative throughout his music and touch the masses. Matching that with his energy, positive attitude and his willingness to continually motivate others, he is doing everything necessary in order to stand out from most of the rap music today. This is evident with the names he has produced great work with throughout his career such as Steve Woodz, FazeTheBeat, Datboy C May, GGVPROMO and HomeTownHustle. Keep your ear out for Souljah South in the future and make sure to check out his music wherever music is streamed/sold!



Atlanta Artist From Clayton County Ga Also Reps Second Home Mcdonough Ga & Also Fort Valley Ga. The Artist 54 Known For His Versatile Music. He Says Every Verse Or Song He Gets On, He Aims To Make A Hit. His Newest Single Fleek Has Caught Attention Of Major Artist And He Says That’s Just The Beginning Of Many. He Plans To Make His Name Known Which Is



   (B)lack Eagle is a man of many talents. 

He is an artist that produces songs, sings, raps and writes music.  He is a talented musician and dancer. It may be that he is just starting out on His journey as an artist, but (B.)Eagle has been doing music for years. He resides from out of Westchester County New York. This new artist has a story to tell! Like many others before him, he to can attest to the many trials and tribulations of life, through his music you will be able to feel the joy, hurt, love, betrayal, which have all been tools of inspiration for him to draw from.⭐🦅 WWW.INSTAGRAM.COM/thereal_b.eagle87


I’m a Young New York artist age of 23 , coming out of the south Bronx aka the boogie down Bronx . I believe in god himself and know he has a plan for me. Music started as a hobby for me and grew into a passion . Nick name is S.O.L.O cause I stand alone and don’t need no handouts. S.o.l.o meaning Stand on loyalty ofcourse cause loyalty is what I live and die by . 



American Music Producer/DJ , Brando Barajas hails out of San Diego, California. When not performing, his time of leisure is spent at the studio. Influenced at a very young age by artists such as Korn, LimpBizkit, Michael Jackson, Diddy, Basement Jaxx, Tiesto, Deadmau5, David

Guetta and Daft Punk. This Guy is someone to look out for in 2021.


K-MAINE 2020 - www.24hourgrindmedia.com

K. Maine is the hottest artist coming out of southwest Florida, he has proven to be versatile on multiple genres (rap,trap,hip hop,r&b, reggae-ton, pop, gangster rap). Meticulously piecing every bar together in his songs like a lyrical chemist.His debut single “King Of Cape” started making buzz within minutes of release, receiving exclusive interviews from local radio stations. With out a doubt K Maine has the unique flow to decimate any beat that is thrown at him and that right there is his best

attribute. Fans are gravitating to his energy , his first single “King Of Cape” was played on fly 98.5 radio

station becoming an unsigned grind winner https://youtu.be/0RredamkHf4 Newest project

released : Wavy - K Maine featuring Fame Faiella trends to SWFL top 10 music videos

https://youtu.be/fQDlf_680dg K. Maine is teaming up with some  big names in

his area with his upcoming tracks. Special collaborations with G-man and Frank Lini





Born & Bred in Raleigh NC 919s most hated

well rounded lyricist raised by a single mother 

Keen P. got it out the mud



DJ JAZ B.jpeg

Hailing from Stoke, UK, DJ Jaz B has been influenced by Bhangra music from a young age. Growing up surrounded by the classic 90's era of UK Bhangra, DJ Jaz B went on to pursue his own career in music, by becoming a successful entertainer through his DJ roadshow. Whilst in the planning stages of his new single, DJ Jaz B was on the lookout for a specific sound he was looking to work with, which led him to collaborate with UK Born female singer & song writer Jazz Sahota. After much time & dedication in planning the project, the single 'Baa Farke' was born. The song sees Jazz Sahota's vocals over a hard hitting hip-hop beat! Talking about the style of 'Baa Farke', DJ Jaz B said; "I am aiming this track at the younger generation - I wished to create a crescendo of sound by infusing two styles of music. Hip-Hop and Punjabi Folk. The beat being Hip-Hop and Jazz Sahota's vocals adding the Punjabi touch. Finalising the track with adding Harmonium to represent the Punjabi culture too. We hope you enjoy this song as much as we enjoyed creating it




Anthony Prince , born in New York &

Raised in Arizona is a 35 Year old multi award winning traveling tattoo

artist. Specializing in realism , color , and unbelievable cover ups.

At the age of 18 Prince found himself in trouble with the law and was sentenced to 9 years in prison , prince ended up serving 11 years total , with that time he learned to draw and tattoo , and upon release in 2015 became a successful traveling artist . Prince ink has a clothing line "Tilted Krown Clothing" and can be found in malls and at most tattoo events and shows  it's also Worn by many musicians , bike builders , and most importantly by many supporters. Prince shares his story of imprisonments , and struggles with troubled youth in hopes to keep them on the right track .





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